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watching: Somebody: Episode 7

I added a little too much miso paste to my mug... it's still yummy and I will eat it! I just feel bad for accidentally being wasteful. It's very very flavorful now. I didn't have any tofu for it, though.

This past Friday while shopping at Walmart, this kind lady and her child stopped my sister and I while we were browsing the books section and gave us a 50$ giftcard, because we were nice and had a conversation with her, and also because she wanted to spread some love and charity this holiday season. She said since so many people get seasonal depression this time of year she wanted to go out and do something nice. Her daughter was sweet!

I've been watching this pretty decent Korean crime/thriller on Netflix called 'Somebody'! I don't know what I expected getting into it, but it's an entertaining watch.

I also moved posters around on my walls last night after having got more. I might post some pics of my room at some point maybe. For fun!


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Today was very pleasant.

I went with family and a family-friend to pick some olives today! It was fun. This person transporting horses drove by (twice), and each time the horses would stick their heads out when they saw us and neigh.

It was also overcast today and a little chilly (perfect weather!). It sprinkled a lot, and then ended up storming by the time we had dinner at a diner.
On the way home the rain glistened against the windshield as the moon and headlights illuminated the drops, and Evanescence played on shuffle as we passed by the town's Christmas decorations.

My thighs are super sore from the gym a day ago, so I'm waddling around like an old person.


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I've lost motivation again for many things, including on here. But I'm going to make it my goal 100% right now to remake my diary as I'm not happy with it, and then fix my homepage whenever I have the motivation.

I'll be more busy these days while I figure out things irl and I want to have a nice diary I can come on and talk to myself (and those of you that read it). I haven't wanted to add more to my virtual diary because I haven't been too thrilled with it. So I'm hoping once I get it to how I like it, I'll have more motivation to keep up with it and talk about my life!

My old irl friend may be coming to stay with my family and I this coming new year, and while I do have anxiety pertaining to the socialization aspect of everything, I'd still just be happy to be helping out a good friend in a not-good situation.

I also have decided that hemophobia and S.A.D be damned, if becoming a veterinarian (or vet tech to start) is something that I want, I'll do it. So that'll also be something to look into after I get my GED.